Supporting patients on their journeys to advocacy through research involvement.
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The past decade’s lung cancer research milestones might not be as numerous if it were not for the patients who, through knowledgeable interactions with lung cancer researchers and patient advocacy organizations, influenced clinical care and the science that shapes it. These Patient Research Advocates (PRAs) differ from Patient Advocates in that research advocates bring the patient voice to research-related efforts. The IASLC Supportive Training for Advocates on Research & Science (STARS) program aims to increase the number of PRAs equipped to provide accurate scientific translation in their online or real-life groups for patients with lung cancer and their caregivers and to provide the patient perspective for lung cancer research and policy. STARS is not intended to help patients or caregivers learn how to become patient advocates or share their personal lung cancer story.

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Through STARS, prospective PRAs are educated about how to read and interpret research articles and presentations, and they are trained to communicate effectively with both the research and patient communities. STARS participants are paired with experienced PRAs, who call on decades of collective experience to demonstrate best communication practices and facilitate learning. The mentors also will connect the participants with IASLC members and other advocacy professionals at the IASLC World Congress on Lung Cancer. 

2020 - 2021 Timeline

STARS timeline
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PRA Application Materials

Research advocates bring the patient voice to research-related efforts. The STARS program aims to elevate patient advocates into patient research advocates.

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Mentor Application Materials

Mentors are vital to the experience of the STARS participants. Through mentoring, comes a much greater comfort level with the science of oncology.

Stars Alumni

STARS Alumni

Although disrupted by COVID-19, our inaugural group has been active via email and teleconference and have formed lasting connections.

Heartfelt Thanks for Our Partners

STARS was developed by the IASLC in collaboration with lung cancer research advocates and patient advocacy nonprofits. We proudly recognize the following contributing organizations:
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We Are Also Grateful for Our 2020 Sponsors

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